The biggest threat to blockchain based cryptocurrencies is its massive adoption

Bitcoin and Ethereum will disapear or become the money of the elite

There is a paradox you need to know about blockchain based cryptocurrencies: the size of the blockchain itself is a big threat.

All transaction(s) are stored in a single file. It's the case for the majority of known Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin where the blockchain is about to reach 250 GB now :

Crypto-exchange platforms are producing fake crypto money and it's not a good news.

How crypto exchange platform can use your fake account deposit.

When i am using my coinbase account, i can make a transfer between external wallet and my coinbase account wallet. Good. And it's normal. It means that the blockchain of each currency is used to process the payment.

But they have another option where you can convert between crypto-currencies inside your own coinbase portfolio

is collaboration creating mediocrity ?

Open-space are just killing you

A good blog posts of Geoffrey james about Collaboration about studies that show that top performers leave their entreprises because of the tolerance of mediocrity. And this tolerance of mediocrity comes along the collaboration fashion where everybody needs to say something about everything. 

Are cryptocurrencies for bad guys ?

Money Laundering is the only market where cryptocurrencies are efficient now

A very good post about the possible funding of so-called "separatists" in east-ukraine by russia  using crypto asset to transfer money easily and outside any radar remember us that, perhaps, the crypto real world is divided into 2 sub-worlds: one world is accumulating cryptocurrencies without spending them seeing them as refuge values or thinking them as a new platonic revolution and the other is using it for undercover o

Ndau promises stability with BuoYant

Stable is good. Buoyant is better.
Sometimes when I am reading news about crypto i am feeling weird like i was watching good esoteric movies. Strange names are melting with difficult papers to read, the famous white-paper which every crypto asset needs to publish. It's like the Latin at school, nobody knows really why you need it but there is still teachers teaching it to 14 years-old students.

People using BTC (Bitcoin) can be localized and their IP address revealed

BTC address is not really anonymous.

Bitcoin is a digital currency and electronic payment system operating over a peer-to-peer network on the Internet. One of its most important properties is, theoretically, the high level of anonymity it provides for its users. A lot of people think that.

The only problem is it's possible for any people knowing mathematics and with enough funds to spend to set up live servers to localize BTC address and reveal the IP and the Geolocalization.

We are now just computing live the amount of money brokers are stealing from your pocket

Forex broker are cheating you

Last week with a capital of 100'000 USD, i paid severals brokers around 3'000 USD to give me back a profit of 300 USD. It's just a little 1'000 % of commission. Yes, 1'000. Who is willing to give 1000 % of commission to someone in the real life outside broker's mafia game?

The broker game can't continue anymore. 1000% of commission this week !


MyFxbook can be cheated and there is no real third-party you can trust in Forex

MyFxBook system can be cheated.

You wonder how you can have Forex account with 1000% of ROI without having our(s) street(s) full of young and beautiful new millionaires?

Indeed, you can easily check the top dashboard of MyFxbook and see that there is like a problem

MyFxBook top dashbord on 22 march 2019 at 12:42 PM (CET)

Is Retailer Forex Industry a "fake industry" which only aim to cheat theirs clients ?

Forex retail broker are only cheaters. Be prepared to fight

The big question about Forex Retail Industry is: is this industry "a fake industry" producing only fake news, fake tools to rob client's money?

A large part of the answer is YES.

Since the beginning, the goal of the majority of actors of this industry was only to give clients the tools to push them to lose all their money.

A few moments ago,  I was explaining why Forex b-book games are hurting hard clients. Just check the video at the end of this article to learn a little more about.